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April 20, 2011

On Expungement or Sealing of a Criminal Record in Washington, DC

Files.jpgHaving a criminal record can affect one's life in countless ways. When you have a criminal history (rap sheet), it may be difficult to find a job, apartment to rent, school that will accept you, and other similar problems. It is for this reason that you may wish to petition the court to seal or expunge your Washington, DC Criminal record.

As a Washington, DC lawyer who handles expungements, I often speak with people who are confused about the process. That is not surprising since the process is very confusing. In this post I would like to explain some of the issues related to a Washington, DC expungement or sealing of a criminal record.

The first issue is whether you have been arrested or convicted. If you have been arrested for a crime, but the charges were dismissed or you were acquitted, you may be able to have the arrest record sealed after waiting two years. You may also be able to have a crime expunged from your record if you can show actual innocence, but this is not easy to prove. In the case of a DC arrest that did you not result in a conviction, you can petition the court to seal the record, if you were arrested for a misdemeanor, or failure to appear (FTA), and it is not on this list of crimes below:

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