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August 2, 2011

Chinese Counterfeit IDs are Sweeping College Campuses Across the Nation: On Being Arrested on a Fake ID Charge in Washington, DC

fake ids.jpgAccording to an in-depth story by Ashley Halsey III of the Washington Post, Craig Eney was killed when he crashed his motorcycle. A fake ID was found in his pocket. It has been reported that Eney was driving drunk after leaving an Annapolis bar where had been buying shots with a fake ID. His fake ID is believed to be one of the countless Chinese-made fake IDs that have become extremely popular at college campuses in Washington, DC.

In the old days, a technically inclined college student usually sold fake IDs made with a good color printer and a laminating machine. These days, students email their photo, name, address, and payment info to the "Chinese guy" and a few days later they receive a shoebox or jewelry box in the mail containing a fake ID. These IDs are often hidden in the soles or shoes or under a piece of jewelry. These Fake IDs are so realistic that they can not only fool many bouncers, but will also show up as authentic when run through many scanners used at bars and liquor stores.

As a Washington, DC criminal defense attorney who handles fake ID charges and underage drinking charges, I typically get calls from college students who have never been in trouble before (or their parents), and are very worried that this arrest can affect their future employment. These students are not being paranoid. Officially, a fake ID charge is called "misrepresentation of age" in Washington, DC and is punishable by a $300 fine and a 90-day suspension of driving privileges. While taking a quick guilty plea may seem easy, you will end up with a conviction on your record. This particular conviction may seem minor in nature but it may have more serious consequences because using a fake ID is sometimes considered a crime of dishonesty or "moral turpitude."

Your Washington, DC fake ID lawyer can do a lot to help prevent a conviction. One of the best results may be to speak with the Assistant Attorney General assigned your case about entering you in a diversion program instead of prosecuting the case. As discussed in a previous post on this blog, a community service diversion or Deferred Prosecution Agreement (DPA) will require you to do 32 hours of community service, stay out of trouble for four months, and perhaps some other conditions. After you comply with the terms of the diversion agreement and four months have passed, the government will dismiss the charges and you will not end up with a conviction on your record. This is only one of the ways your attorney can help you if you have been arrested for using a fake ID in the District of Columbia.